The Network handles the Summer Training Program for our undergraduates in July and August annually. In addition, this network also functions in the placement of internship positions and part-time vacancies for current students as well as full-time jobs for graduates. It also interacts actively with industries and organizations for organizing campus career talks and related activities for mutual benefit of our students and the industry.

本院的 “學生暑期培訓計劃” 每年均得到各大政府部門、公共機構、工程及科技公司的支持,暑期培訓於每年七、八月進行。此外,本網絡亦與各機構保持緊密聯繫,如有實習或招聘空缺,亦歡迎提供資料至本學院給學生求職之用。本網亦會定期舉辦求職講座,為學生提供就業資訊。

Training and Placement Network