The Relationship between PEO and PO



(1) To develop graduates with competence in the field of civil engineering (2) To prepare graduates in the general areas of logical analysis, critical thinking, rational design, and ethical engineering practice. (3) To prepare graduates for advanced education in civil engineering and related fields
(a) Knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering X X X
(b) Skills of civil engineering experiments, data analysis and interpretation   X  
(c) Design skills   X  
(d) Function well in a multi-disciplinary team X   X
(e) Engineering problem solving X X X
(f) Understand professional and ethical responsibility   X  
(g) Communicate effectively X X X
(h) Understand the impact of engineering solutions to the society X X  
(i) Have knowledge of contemporary issues X   X
(j) Recognize the need and have the ability for lifelong learning     X
(k) Apply the skills, techniques, modern engineering tools for engineering practice X   X
(l) Apply the computer/IT tools relevant to the discipline X   X


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