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1 Programme Overview

Since 1993, postgraduate programmes leading to the MSc and the PhD degrees in civil engineering have been launched to provide advanced education to qualified professionals who are interested in pursuing expertise in specialized areas of civil engineering, through research and course-taking activities.

DCEE offers the MSc programme with concentration in two specialized fields: (1) structural and geotechnical engineering, and (2) hydraulics and environmental engineering.  The MSc programme is designed to provide advanced education and updated specialized knowledge in civil engineering for practicing engineers, engineering graduates and professionals working in the civil industry.  In particular it appeals to practicing civil engineers who would like to refresh and update their knowledge and to receive specialized advanced training in civil and environmental engineering as traditional undergraduate studies could not cover advanced theory and design procedures which they need to advance to higher level of competency in their profession.  The PhD programme is designed to educate highly qualified researchers required for the expansion of fundamental knowledge and technological innovation through research and development, as well as the needs of institutions of higher level education. These postgraduate programmes are consistent with the aims of the department, which are to teach, conduct research and serve the community through professional development.

The MSc/PhD Programme Structure and Course Outline can be referred to the course information.

2 Admission

Selection panel for admission to the Master’s degree programme is formed to evaluate the qualification of the applicants.  The panel is composed of three faculty members from the different areas of the department, and finally submits the selection report to the department head.

PhD student recruitment proposal is required for the approval from Graduate School, before official recruitment of PhD students.

2.1 PhD Admission Requirements

There are 3 approaches for PhD student recruitments.

i) General Entry to PhD programmes (for Master’s Degree Holders)

Applicants should possess a Master’s degree from a recognized university and have high academic standing (e.g. applicants have earned at least 3.0 on a 4-point GPA scale or equivalent in postgraduate study).

ii) Accelerated Entry to PhD Programmes (for Master’s Degree Students)

Applicants should have been registered in a Master’s programme at the University of Macau for at least one year, have successfully finished the coursework part with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4-point GPA scale or equivalent, and have demonstrated strong research ability.

iii) Direct Entry to PhD Programmes (for Bachelor’s Degree Holders)

Applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4-point GPA scale or equivalent from a recognized university, and have demonstrated strong research ability. For exceptional cases, admission should be endorsed by the Dean and be approved by the Graduate School.

2.2 MSc Admission Requirements

Admission is open to applicants who have at least a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in related fields from an accredited institution. Applicants should have achieved 2.3 on a 4-point GPA scale or equivalent of an overall result of Grade C+ or better in the Bachelor’s degree studies.

3 Advising

Faculty members, through advising, monitor a student’s progress towards graduation.

A student entering the programme selects a faculty member as a supervisor who advises the student, monitors academic progress, and ensures that the student follows the civil engineering required curriculum and makes satisfactory progress towards graduation.

A student is required to work with the supervisor to develop an acceptable programme of study. This ensures that the student receives early advice on the selection of electives and a formal review of his/her progress toward the degree. The supervisor approves the major form and then forwards it, along with an application for graduation from the student, to the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Enrollment Services. Enrollment Services checks the major form to ensure that the student has met all of the requirements for graduation. Materials used to assist students in developing their plans are available at the DCEE and the Graduate School web sites.

4 Monitoring Student Performance

Evaluation of students occurs in three phases, entry, ongoing, and exit. At the time of entry, new students are evaluated by meeting the university admission requirements. While enrolled, continuing students are evaluated on their performance in individual courses by the course instructor. Grading of courses is independent between courses. Overall academic performance in terms of grade point average is monitored by the Graduate School and a sequence of underperformance can lead to disqualification. Minimum overall result in course work for thesis registration has to reach C+ or GPA 2.3 (admitted before 2013/2014), and B- or GPA 2.7 (admitted after 2014/2015). The applied thesis option will also be made available to the students who are admitted before academic year 2014/2015. Students who want to change to the applied thesis option are required to take one additional 3-credit course in the current or new study plan of their respective programme in order to graduate. The thesis title “Applied Thesis” and credits will be shown on the transcript of students. The change of thesis option is subject to approval of the Dean/Director of the academic unit concerned. The research project is monitored by his/her supervisor.

For detail, please refer to General Regulations Governing PhD Programmes and General Regulations Governing Master’s Degree & Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma Programmes in the Graduate School web sites.