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Research is a core portion of the postgraduate education. The research in the department is supported by expert faculty members in the following main areas: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering. Key research strengths of the department include structural health monitoring, structural reliability, stochastic mechanics, fluid mechanics, geomechanics, structural materials, thin-walled metal structures, air quality modelling, and water environment and pollution control.

Our faculty members with various research strengths and expertise in various specialized areas enable a multi-disciplinary research with a combination of deterministic and probabilistic approaches. Such multi-disciplinary research collaboration continuously integrates key research strengths for the benefit of the built environment.

Various research opportunities and studentships are available for students pursuing their postgraduate studies at Master and PhD levels. Before making your official application for the admission of a postgraduate degree (PhD or Master), please consult our faculty members’ personal research pages to decide which area you would like to work in and with which potential supervisor. You may contact your potential supervisor to find out available research opportunities and studentships that his or her research funding can provide.

Existing available PhD research opportunities and studentships can be found here.

Some recent research projects are highlighted here.