Proposals for special sessions in Macau
  1. Advances in fractional calculus and applications
  2. Analytic and harmonic function spaces and their operators
  3. Special interest group: IGCA
    Complex-analytic methods for applied sciences
  4. Complex and functional-analytic methods for differential equations and applications
  5. Complex geometry
  6. Special interest group: IGCVPT
    Complex variables and potential theory
  7. Functions theory of a complex variable
  8. Functions theory of several complex variables
  9. Special interest group: IGGF
    Generalized functions
  10. Special interest group: IGPDE
    Harmonic analysis and PDEs
  11. Special interest group: IGITRK
    Integral transforms and reproducing kernels
  12. Numerical analysis of PDEs
  13. Special interest group: IGPDE
    Nonlinear partial differential equations
  14. Special interest group: IGPDO
    Pseudo-differential operators
  15. Qualitative behavior of PDEs in fluid mechanics and related topics
  16. Special interest group: IGCQA
    Quaternionic and clifford analysis
  17. Random matrices
  18. Recent advances in sequence spaces
  19. Special interest group: IGPDE
    Recent progress in evolution equations
  20. Signal and image analysis and application
  21. Wavelet theory and related topics
  22. Fourier analysis and approximation theory
  23. Harmonic analysis and applications