CHEM110.Physical Chemistry
CPTG104.Computer Science
DRWG100.Technical Drawing I
ECOT001.Introduction to Economics (ECE)
EELC111.English for Engineering I
EELC112.English for Engineering II
ELEC110.Digital Systems I
ELEC191.Introduction to Electrical Engineering
ELEC200.Quality Control
ELEC210.Digital Systems II (ECE)
ELEC222.Applied Electronics I
ELEC223.Applied Electronics II
ELEC231.Circuit Analysis
ELEC240.Applied Electromagnetism
ELEC251.Measuring and Instrumentation I
ELEC261.Signals and Systems
ELEC313.Control Systems I
ELEC312.Control Systems II
ELEC321.Applied Electronics III
ELEC323.Power Electronics
ELEC326.Control Electronics & Automation
ELEC331.Advanced Topics on Electric Machines
ELEC335.Protection of Power System and Electrical Machines
ELEC341.Electric Machines
ELEC352.Measuring and Instrumentation II
ELEC370.Digital Signal Processing
ELEC371.Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ELEC372.Power Quality and Energy Saving
ELEC381.Propagation and Radiation
ELEC403.Industrial Planning and Programming
ELEC404.Introduction to Robotics
ELEC409.Computer and Microprocessor Control Systems
ELEC414.Digital Controller
ELEC436.Power System Analysis
ELEC437.System Design
ELEC440.Telecommunication Electronics
ELEC460.Communication System and Data Network
ELEC482.Telecommunication Systems
ELEC483.Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
MATH101.Mathematical Analysis I
MATH102.Mathematical Analysis II
MATH103.Linear Algebra
MATH111.Probability and Statistics
MATH200.Mathematical Analysis III (ECE)
MATH201.Mathematical Analysis IV (ECE)
MATH207.Numerical Methods and Computation
PHYS101.Physics I
PHYS203.Physics II (ECE)
PHYS204.Physics Laboratory (ECE)