ECEB110.Digital Systems
ECEB111.Introduction To Electrical And Computer Engineering
ECEB120.Information Technology Revolution And Electronics
ECEB121.Embedded Systems
ECEB122.Circuit Analysis
ECEB150.Engineering In Society
ECEB210.Signals And Systems
ECEB211.Measurement and Instrumentation
ECEB220.Electric Machines
ECEB221.Fundamental Electronics
ECEB222.Discrete Structure
ECEB251.Numerical Method and Computation
ECEB252.Probability and Statistics
ECEB253.Linear Algebra For ECE
ECEB255.Semiconductor Device Physics
ECEB256.Computer Programming and Network Fundamentals
ECEB257.Introduction To Electro-Robot Design
ECEB310.Applied Electronics
ECEB311.Digital Signal Processing
ECEB320.Control Systems
ECEB321.ECE Seminars
ECEB350.Introduction To Biomedical Engineering
ECEB351.Fundamental Bio-Electricity
ECEB352.Biomedical Electronics
ECEB353.Introduction to Biomedical Signal Analysis
ECEB354.Power Electronics
ECEB355.Power Systems Analysis
ECEB356.Power Quality and Energy Saving
ECEB357.Power Electronics Design and Implementation
ECEB358.Electric Drive
ECEB359.Principles of Communication Systems
ECEB360.RF and Microwave Techniques for Wireless Systems
ECEB361.Antenna Theory and Applications in Wireless Communications
ECEB362.Cellular Communication Network Design and Optimization
ECEB363.Introduction to Wireless Technology for Digital Game
ECEB364.Advanced Topics in Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
ECEB365.Introduction to Data Converters
ECEB366.Introduction to Radio-Frequency Circuits And Systems
ECEB368.Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECEB369.Multimedia Technology
ECEB410.Design Project I
ECEB420.Design Project II
ECEB450.Digital Control
ECEB451.Special Topic in ECE
ECEB452.Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation
ECEB453.Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
ECEB454.Renewable Energy Conversion
ECEB455.Power System Design and Implementation
ECEB457.Introduction to Wireless Sensing Network
ECEB458.Microwave and Millimeter Wave System Design
INTP300.Work-Integrated Education
MATB120.Intermediate Calculus
MATB210.Engineering Mathematics I