29 Jan 2018
UM signs articulation agreement with Instituto Superior Técnico on '3+2' degree programme
UM has launched a '3+2' degree programme in collaboration with the Instituto Superior Técnico

The University of Macau's (UM) Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) has signed an articulation agreement on a '3+2' programme with the University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico, IST), a leading higher education institution in Portugal. According to the agreement, UM will select outstanding third-year students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for direct admission to IST to study a two-year master’s degree programme.

Selected UM students will receive a bachelor of science degree in electrical and computer engineering from the UM, and a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the IST, upon completion of three years of studies at UM followed by two years of studies at IST, which will save at least one year’s time compared to the normal education path.

Since its creation in 1911, IST has been the largest and leading research-focused School of Engineering in Portugal. IST aims at contributing to the development of society, and promoting excellence in higher education, in the fields of architecture, engineering, as well as science and technology, by developing research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities in the areas of Robotics, Telecommunications, Computers and Electronics supported by leading international laboratories like the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), the Institute for Telecommunications (IT) and the Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering (INESC-ID). Its integrated master degree program enables students speeding up and obtain their master degree within 5 years. It has a pluralistic research environment and attaches great importance to international exchange and collaboration. While the UM’s Electrical and Computer Engineering program is the only electrical engineering program in Macau and is fully accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and cooperates closely with the Macau State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI, with research achievements reaching the state-of-the-art world boundary. In recent years, UM has initiated collaborations with renowned overseas universities in ‘3+2’ programmes, in an effort to increase the students’ international competitiveness by improve their professional and language skills as well as cross-cultural literacy.



里斯本大學高等技術學院創立於1911年,是葡萄牙規模最大和領先的研究型理工大學。學院有著豐富多元化的研究領域諸如機器人、電信、電腦和電子學領域工程學等,擁有國際領先的工程實驗室如系統和機器人研究所 (ISR)、通訊研究所(IT)和系統及電腦工程研究所(INESC-ID),非常重視國際交流與合作。其設立的本科碩士連讀課程更可使學生於5年內取得其碩士學位。而澳大科技學院電機及電腦工程系為澳門唯一的電機工程系並獲香港工程師學會全面認證,更與模擬與混合信號超大規模集成電路國家重點實驗室有著緊密合作,其研究成果達世界前沿水平。澳大與里斯本大學高等技術學院合作的“3+2”銜接學位課程是近年趨勢,能讓澳大學生藉此機會加速於國際頂尖大學取得碩士學位,在專業、語言、文化交流等進行多元學習,提升自身的國際競爭力。