Compulsory Courses: Credits
SCTE801 Research Methods 3
ELCE899 Doctoral Thesis 18
1 Elective Course from the following:  
ELCE800 Advanced Circuit and Systems for Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits  
ELCE801 Advanced Signal Processing and Analysis 3
ELCE802 Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Control 3
ELCE803 Digital Signal Processing in Power Electronic Systems 3
ELCE804 Electronic Circuitry for Medical Instrumentation 3
ELCE805 Estimation, Filtering and Smoothing 3
ELCE806 Linear Systems and Optimal Control 3
ELCE807 Microelectronic Circuit Design, Simulation and Verification 3
ELCE808 Microelectronics in Signal Processing and Communication 3
ELCE809 Modeling and Evaluation in Communication Networks 3
ELCE810 Modeling, Control and Simulation of Power Converters 3
ELCE811 Nonlinear Control Systems 3
ELCE812 Numerical Methods in Computational Electromagnetics 3
ELCE813 Power System Stability and Control 3
ELCE814 Selected Topics in Radio-Frequency and Microwave Engineering 3
ELCE815 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3
ELCE816 Engineering Optimization 3
ELCE817 Statistical Methods in Engineering 3
Total Credits: 24