ELCE800.Advanced Circuit and Systems for Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
ELCE801.Advanced Signal Processing and Analysis
ELCE802.Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Control
ELCE803.Digital Signal Processing in Power Electronic Systems
ELCE804.Electronic Circuitry for Medical Instrumentation
ELCE805.Estimation, Filtering and Smoothing
ELCE806.Linear Systems and Optimal Control
ELCE807.Microelectronic Circuit Design, Simulation and Verification
ELCE808.Microelectronics in Signal Processing and Communication
ELCE809.Modeling and Evaluation in Communication Networks
ELCE810.Modeling, Control and Simulation of Power Converters
ELCE811.Nonlinear Control Systems
ELCE812.Numerical Methods in Computational Electromagnetics
ELCE813.Power System Stability and Control
ELCE814.Selected Topics in Radio-Frequency and Microwave Engineering
ELCE815.Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ELCE816.Engineering Optimization
ELCE817.Statistical Methods in Engineering
ELCE899.Doctoral Thesis
SCTE801.Research Methods