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Year I

EMEB110 Engineering Drawing I 1
EMEB120 Engineering Drawing II 1
EMEB121 Engineering Materials 3
EMEB122 Statics 3
MATB120 Intermediate Calculus 3
PHYS112 Physics I 3
Community and Peer Education Course(s):  
CPED100 Residential College Experiential Learning 1
CPED101 Physical Education I 0.5
CPED102 Physical Education II 0.5

General Education Course(s):

GELH001 Chinese Language and Culture 3
GEST004 Quantitative Reasoning for Science and Technology 3
1 GE Course (Area of Science and Technology) 3
Languages and Skills Course(s)*:  
EELC110 Interactive English I 3
EELC120 Interactive English II 3
CISB113 Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices 3
1 Language and Skills Course*: 3
CHNB100 Chinese Language    or  
PORT113 Portuguese Language  
Total Credits: 37

Year II

EMEB210 Strength of Materials 3
EMEB211 Thermodynamics 3
EMEB212 Manufacturing Technology 3
EMEB213 Electrical Engineering 3
EMEB220 Dynamics 3
EMEB221 Computer-aided Design 3
EMEB222 Machine Elements 3
EMEB223 Mechatronics 3
MATB210 Engineering Mathematics I 3
MATB220 Engineering Mathematics II 3
Community and Peer Education Course(s):  
CPED200 Communication Skills and Leadership 1
General Education Compulsory Course(s):  
GEGA001 Macao and Chinese Civilization 3
Languages and Skills Course(s)*:  
EELC130 Academic English 3
Total Credits: 37

Year III

EMEB310 Production Management 3
EMEB311 Fluid Mechanics 3
EMEB312 Control Engineering 3
EMEB320 Heat Transfer 3
EMEB321 Computer Engineering 3
EMEB322 Society and the Engineer 1
General Education Course(s):  
GESB000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
1 GE Course (Area of Global Awareness) 3
4 Required Elective Courses^ 12
Total Credits: 34

Year IV

EMEB410 Design Project 6
INTP300 Work-Integrated Education 3
General Education Course(s):  
1 GE Course (Area of Literature and Humanities) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Society and Behaviour) 3
6 Required Elective Courses^ 18
Total Credits: 33

Required Elective Courses^:
Stream A – Building Services  
EMEB352 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 3
EMEB356 Electrical Services - Wiring and Installations 3
EMEB362 Intelligent Buildings 3
EMEB369 Fire Protection Engineering 3
EMEB374 Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering I 3
EMEB379 Extra-low-voltage Electrical Systems in Buildings 3
EMEB380 Facility Management 3
EMEB381 Lighting Technology 3
Stream B– Energy, Engineering Design & Control  
EMEB353 Applications of Vibration and Noise Control 3
EMEB354 Computer Technology in Engineering 3
EMEB357 Electromechanical Energy Conversion 3
EMEB358 Electronics and Instrumentation 3
EMEB359 Finite Element Techniques in Engineering 3
EMEB360 Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering 3
EMEB363 Internal Combustion Engines 3
EMEB367 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
EMEB370 Robotics 3
EMEB372 Optimization Techniques and Their Applications in Engineering 3
EMEB375 Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering II 3
EMEB376 Theory of Mechanisms 3
EMEB378 Electric Vehicles 3
EMEB383 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 3
EMEB384 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 3
EMEB385 Sensors and Actuators 3
EMEB389 Thermal Energy Transportation in Porous Media 3

Stream C– Materials, Manufacturing & Engineering Management

EMEB350 Advanced Manufacturing 3
EMEB351 Advanced Materials for Engineering 3
EMEB355 Corrosion, Wear and Degradation of Materials 3
EMEB361 Industrial Data Management 3
EMEB368 Engineering Management



 Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials and Basic Failure Analysis

EMEB373 Production Systems, Planning & Control 3
EMEB377 Creative Industry 3
EMEB382 Mechanical Processing of Materials 3
EMEB386 Special Topics in Electromechanical Engineering III 3
EMEB387 Statistics and Probability for Engineering 3
EMEB388 Surface Engineering and Coating Technology 3


* Students who test out of some or all of the Languages and Skills course(s) are required to make up the credits by taking additional Free Elective(s).

^ Students are required to select at least one RE course from each stream and the rest can be from Stream A, B or C.