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The program of Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering (EME) was founded in 1997. The curriculum emphases on advanced mechanical engineering, while educating students to take advantage of modern electrical, electronic and information technologies for practical applications in mechanical engineering like building services, transportation vehicles, robots and project management, etc. There are four main teaching and research directions in this program, they are (1) thermo, fluid and energy engineering; (2) mechatronics and robotics; (3) materials, manufacturing and management; and (4) building services engineering.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering or related disciplines from the University of Macau or other universities, or equivalent academic qualification is required.

Degree Requirements

A total of 8 courses (24 credits) with a Master Thesis are required. Normally, a master student should complete the course work before registering the thesis. The Master's degree is offered after passing the thesis defense.


Two to three year part-time study

Courses for the Programme

Compulsory Courses

IMEM002 Introduction to Research 3 credits
IMSE002 Advanced Mathematics 3 credits

Elective Courses (Choose six of the following)

IMEM003 Physics of Materials 3 credits
IMEM004 Variational Principles and the Application 3 credits
IMEM005 Computer-Aided Geometry Design 3 credits
IMEM006 Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing 3 credits
IMEM007 Mechatronics 3 credits
IMEM008 Process Heat Transfer 3 credits
IMEM009 Convective Heat Transfer 3 credits
IMEM010 Computational Method for Thermo-Fluid System 3 credits
IMEM011 Energy Conversion and Utilization 3 credits
IMEM012 Introduction to Advanced Robotics and Control 3 credits
IMEM015 Fluid Power Engineering 3 credits
IMEM016 Intelligent Theory and Manufacturing 3 credits
IMEM017 Advanced Manufacturing 3 credits
IMEM018 Special Topics in Manufacturing I 3 credits
IMEM019 Special Topics in Manufacturing II 3 credits
IMEM020 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering I 3 credits
IMEM021 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering II 3 credits
IMEM022 Automotive Engineering 3 credits
IMEM023 Failure Analysis in Mechanical Engineering 3 credits
IMEM024 Advanced Electrical Services 3 credits
IMEM025 Advanced Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion 3 credits
IMEM026 Human Factors Engineering 3 credits
IMEM027 Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning 3 credits
IMEM028 Engineering Acoustics 3 credits
IMEM029 Advanced Electric Vehicles 3 credits
IMSC002 Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity 3 credits
IMSC010 Structural Vibrations 3 credits
IMSC011 Plates and Shells 3 credits
IMSC016 Random Vibrations of Structures 3 credits
IMSC026 Economic Analysis and Financial Management in Engineering 3 credits
IMSE009 Expert Systems 3 credits

IMEM999 Master Thesis

The thesis will be supervised by at least one professor from EME department.