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Year I
Compulsory Courses:  
ELME701 Introduction to Research 3
ELCE702 Advanced Mathematics 3
6 Elective Courses from the following: * 18
ELME702 Physics of Materials 3
ELME703 Variational Principles and the Application 3
ELME704 Computer-Aided Geometry Design 3
ELME705 Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing 3
ELME706 Mechatronics 3
ELME707 Process Heat Transfer 3
ELME708 Convective Heat Transfer 3
ELME709 Computational Method for Thermo-Fluid System 3
ELME710 Energy Conversion and Utilization 3
ELME711 Advanced Robotics and Control 3
ELME714 Fluid Power Engineering 3
ELME715 Intelligent Theory and Manufacturing 3
ELME716 Advanced Manufacturing 3
ELME717 Special Topics in Manufacturing I 3
ELME718 Special Topics in Manufacturing II 3
ELME719 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering I 3
ELME720 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering II 3
ELME721 Automotive Engineering 3
ELME722 Failure Analysis in Mechanical Engineering 3
ELME723 Advanced Electrical Services 3
ELME724 Advanced Electromechanical Energy Conversion 3
ELME725 Human Factors Engineering 3
ELME726 Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning 3
ELME727 Engineering Acoustics 3
ELME728 Advanced Electric Vehicles 3
CIEE702 Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity 3
CIEE710 Structural Vibrations 3
CIEE711 Plates and Shells 3
CIEE715 Random Vibrations of Structures 3
CIEE725 Economic Analysis and Financial Management in Engineering 3
ELCE709 Expert Systems 3
Total Credits: 24
Year II Thesis**
* Certain courses in other programmes can be selected.

**The applied thesis option will be made available to the students who are admitted before academic year 2014/2015. Students who want to change to the applied thesis option are required to take one additional 3-credit course in the current or new study plan of the MSc programme in EME in order to graduate. The thesis title “Applied Thesis” and credits will be shown on the transcript of students. The change of thesis option is subject to approval of the Dean of FST.