Advanced Query Evaluation and Data Management Techniques
Course Description
This course will mainly discuss the latest techniques in large database systems (including data management and query processing of spatial, spatiotemporal, multidimensional, time sequence data, data management in the cloud, and information retrieval techniques). The course will provide a brief introduction, concept, development of various types of large databases in past two decades. The course will explore different techniques that have been developed, including spatial indexing techniques, queries processing in the spatial and temporal context, geographic information retrieval, preference databases, and data stream management. The course is aimed at helping students to explore the latest techniques and research idea in the database systems. Students with a more extensive Spatial/Geometric/Temporal/Networking background will be expected to be more active in the course. Some research oriented assignments will be given according to students' background knowledge. The contents of the course will mix with lectures, group discussions, and student research projects.