Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory
Location E11-2048
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Sio Weng TING, Tony
Technician Huizheng BU
Telephone (853) 8822-8058, 8822-8059, 8822-2714
Open Access Reservation Period Monday: 9:00 - 13:00
Tuesday: 9:00 - 13:00

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The Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory (CEML) was established at University of Macau in 2011. Its main goal is to integrate teaching and research on electromagnetics simulations, particularly for electrically large structures; and to serve the society by electromagnetics analysis and radiation assessment. Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory can provide an electromagnetic simulation platform for undergraduates, post-graduate students and researchers. Advanced hardware and software facilities are provided for students and researchers, such as computer cluster and 3D EM full-wave simulator.



Blade server with 1 Head Node and 14 Compute Nodes

  • 1 × DL380p (2 × Xeon E5-2609 4 cores CPU, 32GB RAM)
  • 14 × BL460c (2 × Xeon E5-2670 6 cores CPU, 64GB RAM)

Computer Workstations (Xeon 6 cores CPU, 24GB RAM)


HOBBIES ver.10 HOBBIES is a Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation EM full-wave Solver for fast and accurate analysis of a wide range of three-dimensional electromagnetic problems.
GiD ver.10 GiD is an interactive graphical user interface used for the modelling and visualization of all the data related to a numerical simulation.
Wireless InSite ver. 2.7 Wireless InSite is a suite of ray-tracing models and high-fidelity EM solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio propagation and wireless communication systems available in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments.

HOBBIES ver.10   GiD ver.10   Wireless InSite ver. 2.7

Equipment/Instruments Photos
Handheld Wireless Interface Measurement Device
Nemo Handy-S Nokia C7-00
EMF Measuring System
Rohde & Schwarz‎ TS-EMF Measurement System
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Agilent 33220A
RF and Microwave Signal Generator
Rohde & Schwarz‎ SMB100A


FDCT 033/2010/A2 Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Communication Systems Using Parallel Computational Electromagnetics Methodology, funded by Science and Technology Fund, Macau SAR.
SRG008-FST11-TSW Parallel Higher Order Basis MoM Simulation for Electrically Large Microwave Circuits, funded by University of Macau
MYRG147(Y1-L2)-FST11-TSW Microwave Filter for Ultra Wideband Communication using Defected Ground Structure, funded by University of Macau

Courses supported

ELEC326 Control Electronics & Automation
ECEB361 Antenna Theory and Applications in Wireless Communications
ELEC482 Telecommunication Systems
ELEC402 Final Project
ELEC437 System Design
IMSE001 Introduction to Research
IMSE008 Advanced Topics in Simulation
IMSE999 Master Thesis