10 Dec 2008
Distinguished Lecture on "Staircase to Heaven, Healing the earth"

Two Distinguished Lectures titled 'Staircase to Heaven, Healing the earth' and 'EM Wave Propagation in the Earth’s Lonosphere', Organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology, took place at STDM Hall of the International Library on 9th December 2008.

Prof. Alfred Wong

Prof. Wei Yu

The two lectures were delivered by Prof. Alfred Wong and Prof. Wei Yu respectively. Prof. Alfred Wong is the current Director of HIPAS Observatory, Alaska, USA and also one of the recipients of the Honorary Degree from the University of Macau and Prof. Wei Yu is from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics in China. Both the two lectures are focus on using scientific research data and findings to reminding human beings about the deteriorating environment on the earth that we are living.

Prof. Wong’s lecture had mentioned that our earth is linked to the Sun by radiation, solar wind and magnetic fields. Experiments and theories including computer modeling have been used to describe how the energy from the Sun can be utilized to form a staircase by which selected particles can ascend to outer space. Impacts on global warming, ozone depletion have also been discussed. Prof. Yu’s lecture had talked about the numerical modeling on the ejection of greenhouse gas CO2 to the outer space by application of EM wave propagation in the Earth’s lonosphere, which provides technical aspects of the projects, demonstration of feasibility of the method.

These two distinguished lectures attracted more than 80 participants from high schools and bachelor students. Audience is active in raising questions during the Q&A section and Prof. Wong and Prof. Yu have also provided concrete and useful feedback in return.