22 Jun 2011
UM’s power electronics research team receives a national invention patent

(From left) Core members of UM's power electronics research team PhD candidate Mr. Lam Chi Seng, Dr. Wong Chi Kong, master graduate Mr. Lok Io Keong, Prof. Wong Man Chung, and Dr. Dai Ningyi.
(左起) 澳大電力電子研究團隊主要成員:博士生林智聲、黃志剛博士、碩士生陸耀強、黃民聰副教授、戴寧怡博士

"Capacitive-Coupling STATCOM and Its Control" and "DC Voltage Self-balancing Soft-switching Three-level Inverter", both developed by the Power Electronics Laboratory (PE Lab) of the University of Macau (UM), recently were granted Macao's first National Invention Patent in the field of power electronics technology and the National Patent for Utility Model by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.

In technologically advanced countries like the United States and Japan, traditional static synchronous compensators (STATCOM) are widely used for power system reactive power compensation, in order to enhance the efficiency and stability of the power system. The "Capacitive-Coupling STATCOM and Its Control", developed by Prof. Wong Man Chung, PhD candidate Mr. Lam Chi Seng and Dr. Dai Ningyi of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, can greatly reduce the DC capacitor voltage requirement of traditional STATCOM, thereby reducing the initial cost and switching losses of the compensators.

The "DC voltage Self-balancing Soft-switching Three-level Inverter", developed by master graduate Mr. Lok Io Keong, Prof. Wong Man Chung, Dr. Dai Ningyi and Dr. Wong Chi Kong, can simultaneously balance the three-level inverter dc capacitor voltages and lower the switching losses without affecting the inverter output performance during operation.

UM's power electronics research team began the two projects in 2006 with the great support of the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR and the University of Macau Research Fund. The objective of these two projects is to reduce the initial cost of the compensator, reduce its losses, and optimize its performance and efficiency. Many years of efforts finally bore fruit. These two national patents signal an important step for UM in power electronics, and also lay a solid technical foundation for the further development of power electronics and energy saving techniques in Macao.


在科技先進的國家如美國、日本等地,傳統的靜態同步無功補償裝置(STATCOM) 被廣泛應用於電網的無功補償,從而提升電網的效率及穩定性。澳大科技學院電機及電子工程系黃民聰副教授、博士研究生林智聲和戴寧怡博士共同研發的"通過容性阻抗連接的靜態同步無功補償裝置及控制方法"能大大減小傳統靜態同步無功補償裝置(STATCOM)的直流電容電壓,降低整個裝置的成本以及開關損耗,因而獲國家知識產權局授予發明專利。