27 Oct 2011
UM students get excellent results at the 41st WorldSkills Competition
澳大生英倫勇奪“第41屆世界職業技能競賽” 卓越表現獎章

(From left) Training specialist Mr. Li Ke, two award-winners Leong Chi Wai and Tou Chin Ming and trainer Mr. Wong Hang Cheong

At the 41st WorldSkills Competition, which was held in London, England, from 4 October to 8 October, the Macao delegation produced excellent results in the nine competitions they took part in. They were ranked among the world's top 10 in the Mechatronics Competition and received the Medallion for Excellence Award as well.

A total of thirty-two teams from around the world participated in the Mechatronics Competition. The two Macao representatives, Tou Chin Meng and Leong Chi Wai, are year-2 master students from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau (UM). They were selected by Prof. Pak Kin Wong, who arranged for them to receive intensive training courses provided by the Institute for the Development and Quality (IDQ), Macau. The training team was composed of UM PhD student and IDQ engineer Mr. Li Ke, and a technician from the Automotive Engineering Laboratory Mr. Wong Hang Cheong.

"第41屆世界職業技能競賽"於十月四日至八日在英國倫敦舉行。澳門代表團在九個競賽項目中取得佳績,澳門代表選手更憑藉 "機電一體化"項目,躍身世界前十名之內,奪得卓越表現獎章。