25 May 2012
Journal Paper by EME Assistant Professor selected as the cover story by Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

Failure of Centrifugal Chillers: Coating and Anode Location Problems, a paper co-authored by Dr. Kin Ho LO, Assistant Professor of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, has been selected by Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention (JFAP) as the cover story. For the June2012 issue, Figure3 of the paper has been adopted as the cover photograph. The paper is authored by Prof. J. K. L. LAI and Dr. K. W. Wong of City University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Kin Ho LO (second author). The afore-mentioned paper is on the investigation of the premature failure of two centrifugal chillers that used seawater as the coolant.

This is the second time a paper written by the same team of authors has been highlighted as the cover story by JFAP. In the year 2011, a paper written by the same authors on the failure of a metal sliding gate was also selected as the cover story (the February 2011 issue).

JFAP is a journal hosted by ASM International (American Society of Metals) and is published by Springer. The readers of JFAP are mainly individuals involved in engineering failure analysis, materials scientists, and engineers from a variety of fields.

由機電工程系助理教授羅健豪撰寫並獲發表在《失效分析與防範學報》的一篇關於渦輪冷凍機失效分析的文章, 被該學報選出作為2012年六月刊的封面故事。 文章中的圖3被用作六月刊的封面圖片。

此次獲選的文章由羅健豪博士(第二作者)和香港城市大學的賴奇略講座教授及黃金華博士共同撰寫。 三位作者在2011年共同撰寫的一篇關於一扇滑動鋼閘的失效分析文章也曾被挑選作為該年二月刊的封面故事。