19 Sep 2012
FST wins two best paper awards at ICDIM 2012
澳大科技學院獲兩項ICDIM 2012最佳論文獎

(From right) Dr. Si Yain Whar, Luo Jiahua, Tang Rui,
Dr. Simon Fong
(右起) 池英華博士、羅家華、湯睿、方子釗博士

The University of Macau's (UM) Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) won two out of the five best paper awards at the International Conference on Digital Information Management 2012 (ICDIM 2012). The conference was organized by the Technology Management Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE TMC).

ICDIM is a multi-disciplinary conference on digital information management. It aims to address the emerging issues and solutions concerning digital information science and technology, and to serve as a platform for experts from academia, research laboratories and industries to exchange ideas and collaborate with one another. This year’s conference attracted over 208 papers from across the world, and in the end 76 quality papers were accepted.

The paper “Trend Following with Float-encoding Genetic Algorithm”, authored by Dr. Si Yain Whar, Department of Computer and information Science from FST, and co-authored by Simon Fong, and student Jiahua Luo, Department of Computer and Information Science from FST, won the “Best Paper Award, Researcher, Theoretical Contribution”. The paper was highly praised by the Review Committee of ICDIM and the proposed method differs from traditional forecasting methods used for stock-market speculation in that it can effectively and adaptively infer the buy/sell signals based on the real-time market trend movements.

Master’s student Tang Rui won the “Best Student Award, Master student, Theoretical Contribution”, for his two papers entitled “Wolf Search Algorithm with Ephemeral Memory” and “Integrating Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms to K-means Clustering”. These two papers have contributed significant results in optimization theory and datamining. As a master’s student, Tang Rui demonstrated a strong analytical ability in creating a new optimization algorithm called “Wolf Search Algorithm”, which is shown to be superior to classical evolutionary algorithms like Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, and Ant-Colony Optimization in the experiment. His oral presentations were highly praised by the ICDIM organizers and committees. His master’s thesis was co-supervised by Dr. Simon Fong from FST of UM, Dr. Yang Xin-she from the University of Cambridge, and Prof. Suash Deb, president of the International Neural Network Society (INNS-India Chapter).

澳大科技學院師生在IEEE 國際科技管理研討會贊助的第七屆 International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2012) 五類最佳論文獎項中分別獲得兩項殊榮。

ICDIM 2012是有關數倍資訊管理領域的研討會,主要探討數碼資訊科技將會衍生的議題及解決方案,並成為各學術、實驗室研究員及業界專家合作交流的平台。研討會匯集了世界各地二百○八篇論文參加,僅七十六篇論文獲接納。

“Best Paper Award, Researcher, Theoretical Contribution”獎項由澳大科技學院電腦及資訊科學系池英華博士獲得。得獎論文 “Trend Following with Float-encoding Genetic Algorithm” 第一作者為池英華博士、合著者為澳大科技學院電腦及資訊科學系方子釗博士及學生羅家華,其論文受到ICDIM評委的高度評價。

另碩士生湯睿則獲得“Best Student Award, Master student, Theoretical Contribution”獎項。他的碩士論文由澳大方子釗博士、劍橋大學Xin-she YANG博士以及國際神經網絡學會(INNS-India Chapter)主席Suash Deb教授共同指導。湯睿的兩篇獲獎論文 "Wolf Search Algorithm with Ephemeral Memory"及"Integrating Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms to K-means Clustering",皆為最優化理論及數據挖掘作出了卓越的貢獻,他們的論文口頭報告更獲得ICDIM組織及委員會的一致讚賞。