24 Feb 2014
UM's first book on power electronics published by Springer

Prof. Wong Man Chung (right) and Dr. Lam Chi Seng

The book Design and Control of Hybrid Active Power Filters

Prof. Wong Man Chung from the University of Macau (UM) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Dr. Lam Chi Seng from the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI (AMS-VLSI Lab), published a book entitled "Design and Control of Hybrid Active Power Filters" via Springer, the world's largest publisher in the fields of medicine, science and technology, in January 2014. It is UM's first published book on power electronics. It has received support from the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR and UM's Research Committee. The relevant research projects were conducted in the Power Electronics Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The book not only analyses the structure, compensation performances and system design of the latest hybrid active power filter, but also proposes a strategy for building a low-cost and low-loss new-generation power quality compensator. The research results contained in this book represent a breakthrough in the functions of the modern hybrid active power filter, allowing the filter to compensate both harmonic current and dynamic reactive power at lower costs. The book also proposes a novel nonlinear current injection pulse width modulation control strategy, and presents a novel adaptive dc-link voltage control method to minimise the filter system switching loss and switching noise. The traditional method requires additional soft-switching circuit to reduce switching loss, but the proposed control method can achieve the same switching loss reduction at no additional costs. Applications for patents have been filed for this innovative control algorithm in both the United States and China. The research results in this book have led to publications in the world’s top power electronics journals, including the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (Impact Factor: 5.165) and the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (Impact Factor: 4.080), as well as one Chinese invention patent. The control methods proposed in this book can be applied to develop mixed-signal integrated power electronic controller IC, which can effectively improve the performance of power electronics systems.

Since its founding in 1999, the Power Electronics Laboratory has published 26 journal papers (16 of which in SCI-indexed journals), 71 international conference, and 1 book. The publication of this book through Springer represents a milestone in the history of the Power Electronics Laboratory because it is the first book published by the lab since its founding and shows international recognition of UM’s research capacity.

澳門大學科技學院電機及電腦工程系黃民聰副教授與模擬與混合信號超大規模集成電路國家重點實驗室助理教授林智聲博士於二○一四年一月首獲世界科學、技術與醫學領域中最大書籍出版商施普林格 (Springer) 出版一專著《混合有源電力濾波器的設計與控制》(Design and Control of Hybrid Active Power Filters),為澳大首本獲出版的電力電子專著。該書之研究同時獲得 “澳門科學技術發展基金”及 “澳門大學研究委員會”資助於澳門大學科技學院電力電子實驗室完成。

該書被列入電機及電腦工程叢書出版,內容不但分析了最新混合有源電力濾波器的結構、補償性能及系統設計等,並基於此提出如何建立成本較低、低損耗的新一代電能質量補償器。書中的研究結果,突破了現今混合有源電力濾波器的原有功能,使系統可在低成本下同時補償諧波電流及動態無功,且提出非線性電流注入系統的脈寬調制技術的新方法。另外,還提出一種新穎的自適應調節系統直流側電壓控制方法來減少系統開關損耗及噪聲。傳統方法需額外增加軟開關電路來減少損耗,而本研究可在不增加成本下通過控制從而達到同樣減少損耗的效果。這種創新控制算法亦現正同時向美國及中國兩地申請發明專利。書中大部份的成果亦發表在世界最頂尖電力電子界期刊,如《IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics》(影響因子: 5.165)、《IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics》(影響因子: 4.080),並獲得一項中國發明專利授權。書中提出的控制方法亦將運用在正在研發中的混合信號集成電力電子控制器芯片上,從而能有效地改善電力電子系統性能。