01 Sep 2008
CEE Fresh PhD Graduate U Wa Tang Won Best Student Paper Award Again

After winning the 2007 Best Student Paper Award at the 12th Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies last year, Dr. U Wa Tang, a fresh PhD graduate from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Macau, won another Best Student Paper Award this year at the 16th International Conference on Geoinformatics (GEOINFORMATIC’ 2008).

This award was presented by the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Sciences (CPGIS). Established in 1992, CPGIS is the largest overseas Chinese professionals association in Geographical Information Sciences (GIS). Every year, the association hosts a series of international conferences on Geoinformatics in order to create opportunities for GIS professionals and experts to exchange ideas. This year, the conference attracted the participation of more than 800 scholars and experts from 15 different countries and regions. As assessed by foreign scholars and experts, Dr. U Wa Tang’s paper titled “Fragmentation of Urban Forms and the Environmental Consequences” was given the 2008 Best Student Papers Award (the third place).

In the paper, Dr. U Wa Tang indicates the phenomenon and causation of urban fragmentation in the Macao Peninsula. He reveals that the scales of urban fragments in the Macao Peninsula and in the old city area are less than 3 km2 and 1 km2 respectively. Dr. Tang notes that the main reason for this phenomenon is that the expansion and development of Macao have always been subject to the particular political and geographical constraints. By establishing a high-spatial resolution model system as elaborated in the paper, Dr. Tang has successfully quantified the spatial characteristics, street canyon effects, traffic conditions, and distributions of air and noise pollution in each urban fragment. Dr. Tang’s research on developing GIS system and on exploring the relationship between urban development and urban environment in quantitative methods was highly recognized by overseas GIS experts.




Figure 1: Paper presentation by U Wa Tang.

Figure 2: U Wa Tang won the Best Student Paper Award.

Figure 3: U Wa Tang and his supervisor Prof. Zhishi Wang.

Figure 4: The Certificate of Merit.
圖4: 獎狀