Is Your SHS Corner Radius Good Enough? Homogeneity, Solving The Testing Problems
Speaker:Mr. Steve Whitfield
Manager of Customer Technical Services
Tata Steel Group
Date & Time:25 Nov 2016 (Friday) 17:00 - 18:30
Venue:E11 – G015
Organized by:Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Hot Finished Structural Hollow Sections in building construction has become more and more popular owing to the architecturally aesthetic appearance and the structural efficiency under compression loading. For critical applications the correct use of Hot Finished Structural Hollow Sections can lead to safer use plus reduce member sizes significantly, rendering attractive visual and spacious impacts on the building layout.

Hot Finished Structural Hollow sections are used for all forms of fabrication from the basic requirement through to the critical applications such as building's and offshore. It is important to know the different types of hollow sections including the specification and traceability. The half-day seminar will cover topics on how to differentiate the Hot Finished Structural Hollow Sections, different characteristics such as Homogeneity and small corner radii offer superior section properties, reduced fabrication costs and improved appearance. Engineers and designers in private sector and government who are working in building and construction industry are most suitable to attend the seminar as the use of Hot Finished Structural Hollow Sections in construction would lead to economical and efficient design solutions. Lecture notes will be provided.


Mr. Steve Whitfield, BEng, CEng, MIStructE, is the Manager of Customer Technical Services from Tata Steel Group and the chartered member of the Institute of Structural Engineers. He graduated from the University of Bradford. He has been working in the construction field for many years. He is familiar to Eurocode and other European Standards and can provide design guidance of steel hollow sections and fabrication. Steve held many useful seminars for engineers and specialists with varying knowledge of steel hollow sections, tubular steelwork and Tata Steel Design software among UK, India and Singapore.