Environment and Sustainable Development in the University of Aveiro: The Air Quality Strategy
Speaker:Prof. Carlos Borrego
Full Professor, Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro
Date & Time:17 May 2007 (Thursday) 11:00 - 12:00


The presentation will focus on the main research and development (R&D) activities carried by the research Group on Emissions, Modelling and Climate Change (GEMAC), as well as the activities of the Institute for Environment and Development (IDAD).

The R&D activities developed by GEMAC focus mainly on air quality (AQ) modelling, with different perspectives and applications, namely, AQ forecast, relations with health, city structure and climate change. The work of IDAD will focus on impact assessment studies, environmental municipal plans and strategic noise maps.

The aim is to present the recent developments and research results from some the projects, indicating the rationale of the work, the methodology, models used, validations techniques and conclusions.


Carlos Borrego (1948) is Full Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Aveiro. PhD in Air Pollution Modelling (1981), Free University of Brussels. Habilitation in Applied Environmental Sciences (1990), University of Aveiro. He was Minister of Environment (1991 to 1994), Vice-Rector of the University of Aveiro (1998 to 2002) and presently is the President of the Department of Environment and Planning. During more than 25 years working on environmental problems, he is serving Portugal on a number of international scientific boards and committees (European Commission, NATO, European Science Foundation,?. Portuguese representative in the working group (Macao/Hong-Kong/China) for the Project "Framework for the Preparation of a Strategic Plan for Water Quality Management of Pearl River Delta" (1994 to 1996). Since 1987 he was involved in 26 European projects. His research work includes over 400 scientific publications (163 peer-reviewed and participation in 9 books) on environmental impact assessment, air quality numerical modelling and management, development of emissions databases, wind tunnel simulation of flow and dispersion, numerical modelling of flow and dispersion around buildings, air quality and health, health exposure modelling.