Inverse Optimization, Models and Methods
Speaker:Prof. Jason, J. Z. Zhang
Department of Mathematics, BJNU-HKBU United International College
Date & Time:10 Dec 2007 (Monday) 11:00


In this talk, the speaker shall first introduce the concept of inverse optimization and formulate such problems mathematically. Some application models shall be followed to justify usefulness of the study. Then some general methods shall be discussed. Furthermore, in order to achieve high efficiency, special methods will be given to deal with each type of particular inverse optimization problems. Some extensions and further development, such as system improvement problems and partial inverse optimization problems, shall be mentioned briefly to conclude this talk.


Professor Zhang received his PhD degree in Operations Research in 1984 from University of Texas at Austin, USA. He was Visiting Professor in California State University in 1988, Distinguished Visiting Professor in George Washington University in 1989, and Visiting Professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006-07. In 1990 he joined City University of Hong Kong where he was Professor and Head (1996-2002) of the Mathematics Department. Professor Zhangî–¸ main research area is optimization, including linear, network, combinatorial and nonlinear optimization problems, and other related areas. Professor Zhang published about 150 research papers in these areas. In 2006 he and his partners?research on nonlinear optimization won a second class natural science award from the Ministry of Education of China. Professor Zhang serves in editorial boards of three international academic journals. He was Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Mathematical Programming Society between 1998 and 2006. Currently, Prof. Zhang works in BJNU-HKBU United International College.