Seminar on Mathematical Model for Cold Syndrome
Speaker:Prof. WANG Miqu
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Date & Time:17 Dec 2007 (Monday) 16:00 - 16:55


We have done much work about cold syndrome-gene expression profile, but there is an urgent need for the information fusion. Based on 6 times NSFCs for 10 years, we conclude that the cold syndrome is mainly involved in the disorder of energy metabolism. Since we are puzzled at informational mining of great data, new mathematical methods to establish the math model of cold syndrome is of central importance. On the basis of previous research on cold syndrome-genome at Chengdu, we analyzed the data of 400 thousands of symptom, 3.3 millions of gene expression, 2.2 millions of single nucleotide polymorphism of cold syndrome. Through Means Cluster, Support Vector Machines, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis, especially the newly developed mathematical methods we are now carrying on the correlative research between cold syndrome and gene expression profile to establish the primary math model of cold syndrome-genome.