Modeling and design of undercarriage components of large scale earthmoving equipment in tar-sand operations - Bulldozers
Speaker:Prof. Jozef Szymanski
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Alberta, Canada
Date & Time:19 Dec 2007 (Wednesday) 16:00 - 17:00


Umbilical to the oil sand growth are the huge earth moving equipment. This is evident at commercial oil sand operators where this equipment sustains a variety of numerous surface mining activities and operations. The performance and eventually the life of this equipment need to be improved, compared to OEM design, to keep these mining operations competitive and compliance with emerging technology. Additionally, the oil sand environment is a recipe for extreme wear in tracks assemblies, links, bushing and track pad and rollers for crawlers and subsequently high maintenance costs. Nevertheless, this equipment operation is an established and pragmatic technology supporting tarsands extraction and handling. In this presentation, author discusses the development of multiple multi-variable mathematical relationships between dozer blade resistance and forces distribution to track rollers. Not only is it a distinctive optimum technique for predicting the blade fill and geometry, but also for track rollers resistance of earth moving equipment such as bulldozers. Additional supporting in iddle?of track assemblies, spanned by positive drive sprocket carrier roller, provides extra improvement for the links, bushings and segments with about 10% (test with star rollers).