Mechanical Properties of Heavy-Sectioned Ferritic Ductile Iron and Its Relation to Microstructural Features
Speaker:Yoshitaka Iwabuchi
Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director of Cooperative Technology Center
Kushiro National College of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan
Date & Time:29 Jan 2008 (Tuesday) 17:00 - 18:00


Spheroidal-graphite(s-g) iron castings recently have exceeded 160 metric tons in shipping weight, since there has been an increasing application of s-g iron to heavy castings. The increase of the size of s-g iron castings results in difficulty in obtaining high ductility and toughness. This study concerned the fundamental study concerning with elongation and fracture toughness and discussed the material data obtained from mock-up casks with 500 mm in wall thickness made of s-g iron.