Asynchronous Communication and Computing for Ultra Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Speaker:Dr. Liu Yonghe
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Date & Time:20 Mar 2008 (Thursday) 16:00 - 17:00


In stark contrast with traditional data forwarding networks exemplified by the Internet, wireless sensor networks are uniquely characterized by drastically low data rate, often at several bytes per minute, owing to application specific requirements. In existing schemes proposed in the literature, energy efficiency has overwhelmingly relied on coordinated sleep/wakeup schemes, where communications among sensor nodes are synchronized into a short time window. Inevitably this will augment collision probability and irrelevant packet listening, two dominant power consumption components in wireless networks. In this talk, we describe an innovative asynchronous communication architecture, in which a sensor node is allowed to directly write data into a special, reactive module (RFID tag based) residing on the receiving node while its main platform (the central controller) is asleep. The result is a store-and-forward, asynchronous communication pattern which can achieve ultra energy efficiency. We will also illustrate a few important asynchronous computing problems overlaying this asynchronous communication architecture.