All Wireless Office & Fixed Mobile Convergence - The New Business Paradigm Shift
Speaker:Dr. Dominic Orr
Chairman, President and CEO of Aruba Networks
Date & Time:07 Apr 2008 (Monday) 14:30 - 15:30
Venue:STDM Auditorium, UM Library


High-speed internet and Web2.0 had taken the information age by storm. This new paradigm shift in lifestyle and business had been fueled by the growing popularity of Wi-Fi into homes and corporate offices in the past few years. However, many CIOs and users still regard a Wi-Fi connection as inferior to a wired Ethernet connection. The technology enabled by 802.11n and eFMC are changing the perception.

On the data side, 802.11n enables superior radio performance, thus allowing wireless connection at much higher data rates and much improved coverage. This new standard has the potential to displaced wired networks to enable a completely all-wireless workplace. On the voice side, Enterprise Fixed Mobile Convergence (e-FMC) centers on the concept that the employee have two essential phone numbers ? the fixed desk phone that is increasingly unreachable, and the cellular phone that is becoming the predominate phone. Using the enterprise Wi-Fi network, unanswered calls can be routed to employee's dual-mode cellphone without incurring cellular charges and international roaming charges. This is tremendous cost saving to business!

But how ready is 802.11n and e-FMC now? What are the barriers? The presentation will address the enabling technologies from a business perspective, and the change of traditional port-based networking to user-based networking.