Algorithms for Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Circuits
Speaker:Prof. Luis Miguel Silveria
Professor, ECE Dept, IST -TU Lisbon, Portugal
Date & Time:16 Sep 2008 (Tuesday) 10:00
Venue:Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI Lab, Silver Jubilee Building
JLG 211-212, University of Macau


In this talk I will summarize some of the recent and ongoing work on modeling and Simulation of Electronic Circuits that is being pursued at the ALGOS group (Algorithms for Optimization and Simulation) at INESC ID, where I have been conducting my research. In particular we will discuss work on model order reduction techniques with applications to interconnect and electromagnetic modeling. An introduction to the topic will be given, followed by a description of recent results. Also recent work on power grid modeling and analysis will be discussed.


Luis Miguel Silveira received the Engineer's and Master's degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IST at the Technical University of Lisbon, and the M.S., E.E. and Ph.D. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. He is currently a Full Professor of ECE at IST - TU Lisbon, Portugal, a senior researcher at INESC ID, Systems and Computer Engineering Institute R&D, and a founding member of the Lisbon Center of the Cadence Research Laboratories. His research interests are in various aspects of computer-aided design of integrated circuits with emphasis on interconnect modeling and simulation, parallel computer algorithms and the theoretical and practical issues concerning numerical simulation methods for circuit design problems.