MGM GRAND MACAU: Design and Construction
Speaker:Ir Siu Yin Wai
Managing Director, Siu Yin Wai & Associates (International) Ltd
Date & Time:24 Oct 2008 (Friday) 16:00 - 17:30
Venue:Auditorium, Fundo para o Desenvolvimento das Ci礙ncias e da Tecnologia (FDCT)
Organized by:Fundo para o Desenvolvimento das Ciências e da Tecnologia (FDCT)
The Macau Institute of Engineers
Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Macau


MGM GRAND Macau is a casino and hotel project at the Macau Nam Van district bounded by Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Avenida 24 De Junho, and Rua Cidade De Porto with a waterfront view. The project consists of four levels of podium which houses the casino gaming area, retail district, restaurants and theatre; one level of basement for car park and back-of-house for the hotel; and a 35 storey hotel tower.

MGM has a unique outlook design simulating three layers of rolling waves with contradicting crests, resulting in a much slender frame with challenging structural design requirements for the hotel tower under high wind and seismic load design limits. MGM consists of unusual steel structures with large spans: the Conservatory Skylight, LED Steel Structure, and Main Entrance Canopy, etc. High speed construction; from start of piling work on June 05 to obtaining Occupation Permit on Dec 07.

One of the most exceptional considerations of this project is the Wind + Seismic deflection requirement of the hotel tower. Vertical structural elements to resist the Wind + Seismic loading are restricted within Grid TA to TD i.e.17 meter width due to the special wave appearance of the hotel tower. When compared to the overall height of the hotel at 150m, the aspect ratio is approximately 9. The Macau Wind Code is based on 200 years return period which is nearly 50% higher than the Hong Kong Code. To deal with these unique criteria, Wind Tunnel testing result is adopted to find the wind load of the tower structure and applied to the structure. The result is an enhanced Core Wall and Shear Wall to resist these high lateral pressures. In the design for seismic effects, spectrum analysis is adopted according to the Code for Seismic Design of Building GB50011-2001, in which the seismic intensity of 7 is applied for the spectrum analysis of the structure.

Use of advance technology for steel design and analysis for unusual steel structures; including use of second-order elastic analysis to investigate structural response under different scenarios. Such technology facilitated simulation base approach for structural steel analysis and design, providing sustainable solution for these unusual features. Sophisticated software technology is chosen to model and perform second-order elastic (P-?-帤) analyses on unique structures like Conservatory Skylight, Main Entrance Canopy?orte Cochere and the Large curve LED steel frame at the Northeast Entrance.

MGM GRAND MACAU won The Joint Structural Division Special Award 2008 (China Project)

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