Application of Robots in Aeronautic Manufacturing
Speaker:Professor Yun Chao
Robot Research Institute
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Beijing, China
Date & Time:01 Dec 2008 (Monday) 16:00 - 17:30


At present the application of robots in aeronautic manufacturing got behind civilian fields such as the automobile industry and electrical appliance and so on. With the development of manufacturing technology and the improvement of airplane quality, more and more robotic technology are applying to in aeronautic manufacturing such as holing, fixed, fastness, mooring, adhering, spraying, repairing, assembling, surface processing, conveying, scatheless inspection, testing and so on. In the lecture, some main applications of robot technology in aeronautic manufacturing will be introduced, which include the robotic flexible platform, the surface coating of airplanes, composite material processing, robot welding, robot conveying, robot assembling, robot inspection and testing, robot molding and shaped processing, robot drilling and riveting. Finally, the challenges of robot applications in aeronautic manufacturing will be discussed.


Yun Chao received his Ph.D. from Tianjin University of China in 1994, he has been with the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 1999 as a Prof. and a doctoral thesis advisor. He received award from Advanced Individual of Robotics Subject of National Hi-tec Project in 2001. He has been supervising and supervised 30 Ph.D students and more than 60 M.S. students. He served as Member of China National Technical Committee for Industrial Automaion Systems and Integration Standardization (CSBTS/TC159) and vice director of Branch Technical Committee of Robot Standardization (CSBTS/TC159/SC2), Member of National Instructive committee of Mechanism Subject in Ministry of Education (China), Member of College Electric-mechanism Subject of Chinese Mechanical Industry Education Association, Super member of Institute of China Mechanic Engineering, Visiting researcher of Intellectual Technology and System lab at Tshinghua University, a national key lab. He was PC members of five IEEE Conferences. He has put out more than 20 patents. He has published 2 books, more than 80 jounal papers (1 paper awarded Excellent Paper of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society) and more than 30 conference papers up to now.