Possibilities and Direction on Research of Historic buildings
Speaker:Professor Paulo B. Lourenco
Head of Department of Civil Engineering
University of Minho
Date & Time:15 Dec 2008 (Monday) 16:00


Existing construction is receiving more and more attention from the civil engineering community, representing more than 35% of the construction sector in Europe. The challenges of conservation engineering are rather significant and call for specific knowledge, usually not taught in engineering and architecture graduations. The seminar will focus on existing construction, with special emphasis in historic masonry buildings. The following issues will be successfully addressed: Criteria and Methodology for Intervention; Introduction on Materials with Micro-Structure; Masonry Experimental Behaviour; Non-Destructive Testing; Modelling Approaches: Micro-models, Macro-models; Homogenization Techniques and Seismic Assessment; Recommendations for Engineering Problems.


Professor Lourenco is experienced in the fields of NDT, advanced experimental and numerical techniques, innovative strengthening techniques and earthquake engineering. He is a specialist in structural restoration and has worked as consultant on more than forty monuments, including World Heritage sites such as Cathedral of Porto, Monastery of Jeronimos (Lisbon), and Qutab Minar (New Delhi). Professor Lourenco is the coordinator of the European Erasmus Mundus Advanced Master's in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions. He is editor of the International Journal of Architectural Heritage: Conservation, Analysis and Restoration and coeditor of the Conference Series, Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions.