Model Test and Investigation of Large Span Bridges
Speaker:Dr. Chen Kaili
Chairman and Senior Engineer of the Bridge Research Institution
Wuhan Bridge Corporation of Railway Ministry of China
Date & Time:08 May 2009 (Friday) 15:00


The structural behavior of large span bridge is complicated. Particularly at some local parts applied by concentrated load, such as the connections between cables and girder in cable-stayed bridge, it is hard to well understand their stress states with computer analysis only. For such kinds of structures or local parts of a structure, model testing is necessary in order to well understand the force transfer and stress state inside them. In additional to talking about the model testing methods, a few of whole bridge model tests, local model tests, and sectional model tests, etc., the speaker will also talk about the fatigue test, method and results about the cable-girder connections of large span cable-stayed bridges with steel box girder.


The speaker, Dr. Chen Kaili, is the chairman and senior engineer of the Bridge Research Institution, Wuhan Bridge Corporation of Railway Ministry of China. He has over 30 years of experience in bridge teaching, research, design, monitoring, construction, and management. He ever coordinated or participated in the testing and investigation of many large span bridges in China.