Particle Simulations: the Case for Smoothed particle Hydrodynamics
Speaker:Prof. Antonio C. M. Sousa
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Date & Time:14 May 2009 (Thursday) 15:30


The presentation covers a brief overview of particle simulations and then focus on recent advances and applications of a novel numerical method - the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) - a meshless particle-based Lagrangian fluid dynamics simulation technique, in which the fluid flow is represented by a collection of discrete elements or pseudo-particles. This methodology has been successful in a broad spectrum of problems, among others, forced and natural convective flow, low Reynolds number flows, interfacial flow, multiphase flow, flow in porous materials, chemically reactive flow, particulate flow, non-Newronian flow, and environmental flows. In comparison to the Eulerian-based Computational Fluid Dynamics methods, SPH has the following potential advantages: (a) relatively simple computer codes and 3-D codes are as simple to generate as 1-D codes; (b) ease of handling complex free surface and material interface; (c) particular suitability for handling complicated physics related to, e.g., porous medium structures and eletromagnetic fields; (d) natural treatment of transient processes. These advantages make it particularly well suited to deal with a wide range of heat and fluid flow problems.

To demonstrate the SPH flexibility, macro and nanoscale applications of this methodology will be given; sufficient background for these applications will be provided to assess their engineering/scientific relevance.