Expressive Modeling and Rendering: A New Trend of Computer Graphics
Speaker:Prof. Peng
Professor, Vice-Chairman of Acadeic Committee
State Key Lab of CADCG
Zhejiang University
Date & Time:19 Sep 2009 (Saturday) 11:00 - 12:30


Graphic image is an efficient means for people to convey information and thoughts. Nevertheless, the main concern of realistic image synthesis is to simulate the physical appearance of the scene. Since it functions like a camera, it cannot selectively give prominence to something of interests, make abstraction of the embedded information or correlate other kinds of information. Expressive modeling and rendering opens a new way to the development of computer graphics. It constructs a comprehensive information model of a scene adhering to the user’s intention for expression, and is capable of presenting the image of the scene from various aspects, at multiple levels of detail, with different rendering styles. This approach supports dynamic, adaptive display of a scene according to user’s intention. Our talk will investigate the basic idea of expressive modeling and rendering, its related research issues and available approaches.