Heritage and Urban Planning in Historical Areas: Case study in Macau
Speaker:Prof. Rong Zhu
School of Design, Jiangnan University
Date & Time:30 Nov 2009 (Monday) 11:00 - 13:00


This talk analyzes key challenges faced by most traditional Chinese cities during the process of regeneration, as well as some new trends in the conception and practice of heritage and urban planning. Taking Macao’s ‘Historical Corridor’ as a case study, this talk explains how recent rehabilitations projects of public space in this historical area have attempted to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, by reflecting the memory of the past functions in restructuring the city, in a way that respects its historical character and reinforces the traditional meaning and sense of place, without impeding the modernizing aim of providing a convenient cultural and social venue for the local communities and visitors. Finally, this talk considers whether these new systematic and proactive approaches for preserving urban heritage and tradition can aspire to play a wider role within urban planning and city development in contemporary China, contributing a positive element of care and restraint to the radical processes of modernization that are still in full flow.