Adaptive decomposition finite difference methods for singular partial differential equations in applications
Speaker:Prof. Qin Sheng
Baylor University, USA
Date & Time:14 Dec 2009 (Monday) 11:00 - 12:00


Decomposition or splitting, finite difference schemes have been playing an important role in the numerical solution of nonsingular partial differential equations due to their remarkable efficiency, simplicity and flexibility in computations as compared with their peers. Although the numerical strategy is still in its infancy for solving singular differential equation problems arising from many applications, discussions of the next generation decomposition schemes associated with various kinds of adaptations can be found in numerous latest publications. In this talk, we will focus on some latest developments in the area. Key comments will be given to direct solutions of degenerate singular reaction-diffusion equations and nonlinear optical wave equations including the sine-Gordon and Helmholtz equations. Numerical experiments will be given.