Sampling For Multivariate Nonbandlimited Signals By Using Bessel-Sinc Function
Speaker:Prof. Qiuhui Chen
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Hubei University
Date & Time:18 Nov 2010 (Thursday) 16:00 - 17:00
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


A family of radial Sinc functions are constructed based on Bessel functions and radial ladder shaped ¯lters. Two Sampling theorems are established for multivariate signals in bandlimited and non-bandlimited signals in odd dimensional case.


Prof. Qiuhui Chen (谌秋辉) was born in Hubei. Prof. Chen is currently a member of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Hubei University. His main areas of research interests are wavelet analysis, time-frequency analysis and their applications in signal processing.