The Unified Conditions for Wavelet Frames and Gabor Frames
Speaker:Prof. Deng Feng Li
Professor and Vice Dean
School of Mathematics and Information Sciences
Henan University
Date & Time:03 Mar 2011 (Thursday) 16:00 - 17:00
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


The main purpose of this talk is to give a necessary condition and two sufficient conditions ensuring that the shift-invariant system is a frame for L2(Rn). As some applications, the results are used to establish some known conclusions about wavelet frames and Gabor frames.


Prof. Deng Feng Li is currently Professor and Vice Dean of the School of Mathematics and Information Sciences of the Henan University, Kaifeng. His fields of specialization are Fourier Analysis; Wavelet Theory and its Applications in Signal Processing and Image Processing and Communications. His research areas are: (1) Hp space, BMO - function and Singular integral operators; (2) Weighted norm inequalities for some classical operators in harmonic analyais; (3) Periodic wavelet theory; (4) Construction of wavelets; (5) Nonseparable wavelets; (6) Frame theory and (7). Applications of wavelets in communications, image processing and signal processing.