Hyper-Complex Numbers and its Applications in Digital Image Processing
Speaker:Prof. Xing-min Li (李興民教授)
School of Computer Sciences
South China Normal University
Date & Time:17 Mar 2011 (Thursday) 14:30 - 15:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


Quaternions, Octonions and elements in Clifford algebras are the so called hyper-complex numbers. When we study multi-dimensional objects we encounter hyper-complex numbers. In this talk, we will discuss the applications of hyper-complex analysis in processing of color images, remote sensing images and CT images. We take this opportunity to talk about the relations between quaternions, octonions and the Eight Diagrams of Yi Jing.

四元數、八元數以及Clifford代數被稱為超複數。超複數上的分析理論是建立在高維空間上的數學理論。 當我們的研究對象具有多方向、多自由度、多維度時,超複數上的分析理論是一種合適的工具。報告將討論超複數在彩色圖像、遙感圖像、CT圖像中的部分應用。同時將簡單論述四元數、八元數與《易經》八卦的聯繫。


Prof. Xing-min Li is currently Professor of the School of Computer Sciences of the South China Normal University. He obtained his PhD. Degree at the Peking University. His research interests are Harmonic Analysis, Wavelet Analysis, Image Processing, Octonionic Analysis and Pattern Recognition.