Bohr's phenomenon on a regular condenser in the complex plane
Speaker:Prof. Emmanuel Mazzilli
The University of Lille, France
Date & Time:22 Oct 2012 (Monday) 11:00
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


We prove the following generalisation of Bohr theorem : let K  a continuum, (Fn)n its Faber polynomials, ΩR = {ΦK < R}, (R > 1) the levels sets of the Green function ; then there exists R0 > 1 such that for anyimplies . Next, We compute the exact value of the Bohr radius associated to an elliptic condenser of the complex plane and its Faber polynomial basis.


Prof. Emmanuel Mazzilli is currently a Professor at the University of Lille. He is interested in one and several complex variables, like, Problem of extension of holomorphic functions with grows conditions, residual current, J-holomorphic curves, in one and several variables and the study of Bohr’s radius. His latest publications include, The Bohr radius for an elliptic condenser, Bohr’s phenomenon on a regular condenser in the complex plane, Residue currents associated with a complete intersection, J-holomorphic curves contained in a hypersurface and Lie brackets and singular type of real hypersurfaces etc.