An upper bound of essential norm on H^2(B^n)
Speaker:Prof. Zhi Hua Chen
Department of Mathematics
Tongji University
Date & Time:23 Jan 2013 (Wednesday) 10:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


The authors give an upper bound of the essential norm of composition operator on H^2(B^2),which involve the counting function in the higher dimensional value distribution theory defined by S.S.Chern.A Criterion is also given to assure that the composition operator on H^2(B^n)is bounded or Compact.


Prof. Zhi Hua Chen is currently the Professor of Department of Mathematics Tongji University. He obtained his degree in Peking University. Prof. Chen is the editor of the Professional Journal “Mathematical Research” and “Chinese Annals of Mathematics”. The publications of Prof. Chen include, Introduction of Compact Surface, Sheaf theory and its cohomology theory, The foundation of Modern Analysis, Complex Manifold, The foundation of Modern analysis (Second Edition), and Theory of Several Complex Variables.