A Strong Law of Large Numbers for Super-stable Processes
Speaker:Prof. Yan-Xia Ren
School of Mathematics Science
Peking University
Date & Time:24 Jan 2013 (Thursday) 10:00
Organized by:Department of Mathematics



Prof. Yanxia Ren is currently a Professor of School of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University. Prof. Ren received her Ph.D. degree in Nankai University. She has received Excellent Dissertation Prize and Zhong Jiaqing Excellent Dissertation Prize in 2000 and 1999 respectively. Prof. Ren is interested in Superprocess (Measure valued Markov Processes), Branching Processes, Branching particle systems, Nonlinear PDE and Levy Processes. Her publication includes, Generalized first boundary-value problem for Schrödinger equation, On laws of the iterated logarithm for hitting times, Absolutely continuous states of exit measures for super-Brownian motions with branching restricted to a hyperplane, Properties of a supercritical superdiffusion and solutions of its corresponding differential equation, Regular solutions for Schrodinger equation on unbounded domains etc.