Power System Protective Relay
Speaker:Prof. Yuping LU
Southeast University of China
Date & Time:12 Apr 2013 (Friday) 11:30 - 13:30
Organized by:Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


In this talk, I mainly introduce some concepts in the power system relay protection including CT and PT sensor, the four main requirements, the basic principle of current protection, etc. Meanwhile, I will talk about the characteristics of electricity protection in the supergrid power transmission system.


Yuping LU, Professor, PhD. SMIEEE SMCSE, was born in Danyang, China, in Oct, 1962. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the City University, UK in 2003. He is working as a professor in Southeast University of China. His research interests are in power system protection, especially digital relaying of generator-transformer unit, and protection and control technique in distribution system with DGs.

He is one of a few known experts and scholars in power system protection and their applications to power systems in China. His outstanding works have made significant contributions to the development of digital or numerical protection for hard power system problems. He is one of a few pioneers, who has significantly advanced the development of innovative principle and algorithms in protection for HV power system problems arising from power system fault and its abnormal operation circumstance. His works have led to many outstanding rewards and papers in the last few years. He was awarded with Chinese Power Science-Technology Advance Price (2nd grade) in 2005; ChangZhou City Government Prize of China in 2006; Nanjing Top-Ten Innovation Production Prize in 2006; 2003-2005 Southeast University Education, service and management Prize in 2006; National Science-Technology Advance Prize (third grade) as the First author in 2000; Science-Technology Advance Prize (first grade) by the State Ministry as the First author in 1996; Government Special allowance by the State Ministry; the excellent staff in the third session of “Jiangsu Province Science and Technology” in 1998; the outstanding youth in the third session of “Jiangsu Province Science and Technology” in 1997; Science-Technology Advance Prize (second grade) by the State ministry as the second author in 1994; youth excellent key staff of the Jiangshu general colleges and universities endowed with New Century Academic header candidate of the Jiangshu general colleges and universities in 2000; excellent individual of Nanjing Advanced transforming technology fruition into productivity in 1998; and advanced technology group of Southeast University Ninth Five years' plan. The relaying system production with his technique has shared over 60% market in power plant protection in China. His main future focus will be digital power system protection with 61850 network and intelligent technique protection in distributed generation. As a full professor, Professor Lu has over 8 years of senior management in the university.