Boundary Value Problems on Manifolds with Singularities
Speaker:Prof. B. Wolfgang Schulze
University of Potsdam
Date & Time:18 Jun 2013 (Tuesday) 15:00
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


The analysis of PDE is a very active field of research motivated by applications in Physics and also by fascinating new developments in structure Mathematics such as Geometry and Topology. We outline some important new approaches of the singular pseudo-differential calculus characterized by principal symbolic hierarchies and illustrate the range of methods by applications to mixed boundary value problems, such as the Zaremba problem where the boundary conditions jump from Dirichlet to Neumann along an interface of the boundary. The latter aspect is also treated in a new paper in progress "The edge algebra structure of the Zaremba problem" jointly with Der-Chen Chang and N. Habal.


Prof. B. Wolfgang Schulze is currently the Professor for Analysis at the University of Potsdam. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig of Germany. Prof. Schulze is interested in Cover partial differential equations, boundary value problems, index theory, operator algebras, analysis on manifolds with singularities, quantizations and symbolic hierarchies, asymptotics of solutions, applications to equations of mechanics and to Hamiltonians in particles physics. He has published more than 200 mathematical publications, and 12 monographs.