Splitting or not splitting? Similarities and differences between the ADI, LOD and beyond
Speaker:Prof. Qin Sheng
Baylor University
Date & Time:19 Jul 2013 (Friday) 10:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


Finite difference methods have been extremely important to the numerical solution of partial differential equations. The ADI and LOD methods are two of them with extraordinary features in structure simplicity, computational efficiency and flexibility in applications. The methods look similar, but are fundamentally different. Naturally, they lead to different ways of operations, and offer different strategies in computational realizations. This talk will provide an insight into similar but different features of the splitting methods, and discuss their latest algorithmic reinforcements including adaptations.


Prof. Qin Sheng is currently the Professor at Baylor University in U.S.A. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics in University of Cambridge in U.K. Prof. Sheng received various honors, such as, United States Air Force SFFP Research Fellowship and Teaching Excellence Award. He is interested in Applied and Computational Mathematics, in particular partial differential equations, highly oscillatory problems, linear and nonlinear numerical analysis, approximation theory and methods, matrix analysis, optimization, computational finance, parallel computing and engineering targeted software design. The publications of Prof. Sheng include A uniformly convergent difference method for convection-diffusion singular perturbation problems in curved boundary regions, Solving linear partial differential equations by exponential splitting, Periodic solutions of higher order hyperbolic partial differential equations etc.