(1) Latest manufacturing research in Portugal
(2) Experimentation in mechanical engineering
Speaker:Dr. Valentino Cristino
ResearcherLaboratorio Associado de Energia
Transportes e Aeronautica
Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa
Date & Time:23 Jul 2013 (Tuesday) 11:00 - 12:00
Organized by:Department of Electromechanical Engineering


(1) Latest manufacturing research in Portugal
The first part of the seminar presents an overview of the Mechanical Engineering program in Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) of Lisbon and the Manufacturing and Industrial Management Unit of IST with current research and developments cases.

(2) Experimentation in mechanical engineering
Since the 90’s we assisted a boom in research and developments in many engineering areas due to the introduction of simulation programs. The substitution of the real to virtual, this was a path taken by some institutes, especially in mechanical engineering, only focused on computer based simulation programs without resourcing to any didactic laboratorial activity. The main point of the seminar is to show the audience the importance of experimentation in mechanical engineering, focused in manufacturing, by presenting some recent case studies and methods to how to design, plan and direct your research.


Valentino Anok Melo Cristino is a new post-doctoral fellow of the EME department of FST for the next 6 months. His activities focuses on teaching and research in the area of manufacturing since 2005 as the facility engineer of the laboratorial structure of Instituto Superior Tecnico, one of the most prestigious engineering school in Portugal. He is also author of several book chapters, international papers and conferences papers and recently, a didactic book of experimental techniques in the area of metal forming and cutting processes.