Asymptotic Solutions of Eigenmodes for Optical Waveguides Terminated by PMLs
Speaker:Prof. Jianxin Zhu
Zhejiang University
Date & Time:13 Nov 2013 (Wednesday) 14:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


Approximate analytic solutions of the leaky modes and Berenger modes in two-dimensional optical waveguides terminated by two perfectly matched layers are derived by an asymptotic analysis. The waveguides with two or three layers of possibly different refractive indexes are studied for both TE and TM cases. The results are useful in the eigenmode expansion method. By the method, we can fast compute the wave propagation in the optical waveguides, where the leaky modes and Berenger modes appear.


Prof. Jianxin Zhu is currently the Professor in Department of Mathematics of Zhejiang University. Prof. Zhu obtained his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics at Zhejiang University as well. He received the Prize of the Outstanding Paper on Natural Science in 2007. Prof. Zhu is interested in Numerical Solution of Differential Equation, Numerical Analysis, Inverse Problems, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Analysis, Programming, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Complex Function, Acoustic Wave Propagation Underwater, and Optical Wave Propagation in Multilayer Media. The recent publications of Prof. Zhu include, Asymptotic Solutions of Eigenmodes in Slab Waveguides Terminated by Perfectly Matched Layers, High-precision Berenger Modes of Dual-layer Micro-waveguides Terminated with a Perfectly Matched Layer for On-chip Optical Interconnections, Dispersion Relation of the Modes for Open Nonhomogeneous Waveguides Terminated by Perfectly Matched Layers, The Mode Relation for Open Acoustic Waveguide Terminated by PML with Varied Sound Speed etc.